Friday, September 14, 2012

Charlotte Taylor Dromedary Dress & Chie Mihara Heels

Why Do We Love To Blog or to Read Blogs?

The other day someone asked my why do I blog?? Well, I guess if you don't normally read blogs, some people may not get the point of it all. For me, I love to read other peoples blogs, I am a reality T.V junkie and so I guess blogs are another form of that. I decided to start my blog simply because I wanted an excuse to wear the things I love that have been in my closet for so long and needing an excuse to wear them. As I have said before, I am a nurse by night, (I work nights) and a fashion lover by day.  It's easy to fall into the trap of becoming a "lazy mom dresser" but who wants to do that? Certainly not me..I'm not saying I don't have my "lazy dress" days..
So I hope this brings clarity to those who don't understand why people blog or read blogs...but really all it is, is my personal fashion it or is what it is..I am who I am..and that is a mother, a wife, a nurse, and a fashion collector..(hey! at least I don't collect stamps!)

Anthropologie Dromedary Dress By Charlotte Taylor (old)(available on EBay)
Anthropologie Chunky Sweater (old)
Chie Mihara Heels 
Tori Spelling Stacked Necklace


  1. I totally agree with you about blogging. You always look so amazing so I'm surprised to hear that you work at night!! When you get your rest?!! And by the way I love love your Chie Mihara shoes....awesome!!

  2. Love this dress! The camel print is great!

  3. I am madly in love with that dress! The print is so adorable and I love the colours! So cute!! I completely agree with you about blogging. I blog too because I love fashion and I love meeting new people with the same passion. People that don't follow blogs don't really seem to understand the whole thing.

    xo Jenny

  4. I agree with you - I totally wouldn't get myself dressed and together if I didn't blog. I've been playing catch up the last 2 weeks and I've noticed that since I'm not taking outfit pics I'm completely slacking on getting dressed. I LOVE your necklace here!!

    The Blue Hour

  5. I am in love with your mix of colors in this outfit - so gorgeous and really makes the dress perfect for Fall! I always keep an eye out for this dress on Ebay - the print is so fun! You look beautiful!