Thursday, May 23, 2013

Frippery Vintage

Frippery Vintage

If you love vintage, you will love Frippery Vintage..
Take a look at a few of my top favorites.

Mother of Pearl and Black Lacquer Circular Pendant

Gold Butterfly Stretchy Disco Belt

Gold Filigree Teardrop Pendant

Gold and Amber Rhinestone Ring

Gold Wire 1960's Ring

One of my favorite things to do is to, go through my grandmother's jewelry and find unique, antique, vintage pieces. I find that I love them so much more than items bought at a major retail store. I love one of a kind items that no one else has. That's what brought me to Frippery Vintage. They are an online store that sells vintage jewelry for reasonable prices. I wanted to share their website with you and hope you find something you love too. 

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  1. Love it! Thanks for feautring FripperyVintage. You made some great picks.