Saturday, June 1, 2013

Benevolent Jewels & Barrio Dogs

A few moths back, I found an amazing online jewelry store that not only sells adorable, reasonably priced items, but they help different organizations in need. Benevolent Jewels is now helping Barrio Dogs. 

"Barrio Dogs of Houston is a not-for-profit organization on the overpopulation and neglect of animals in low-income neighborhoods. To this end, the education of residents of all ages is key.  We aim to raise awareness of available low-cost sterilization for pets, responsible animal care, and prevention of crimes against animals under the State of Texas animal cruelty statutes. The driving force of Barrio Dogs is to instill the knowledge among low-income neighborhood residents that animal birth control, humane treatment and care of pets and zero-tolerance for animal neglect and abuse results in safer, healthier, higher-value property communities for themselves. The quality of living improves for people when it improves for their pets.  How we plan to tackle this mission is through various programs."

I know I have posted about both sites previously,  but today I wanted to give an update on Benevolent Jewels current items and also some success stories from the Barrio Dogs organization.

Name: Red ADOPTED!
Gender: Male
Age: 2 to 3 years old
This beautiful Golden Retriever mix was found in Greater Southeast Houston. When discovered, he was hanging around a home with another dog. Red stood out because he was thin, appeared to have mange on his ear and was limping. When owners were asked, they said this was not their dog, but after repeat visits it was determined that he had made this his home even though the owners were neglecting not only him but the other dog who still needs to be rescued. The home is in poor condition for any animals. Knowing Red’s condition, he was successfully caught by two very nice lady rescuers and taken to the vet. The vet said it was not mange it was a neglected ear infection and it had spread to his entire ear and was moving to his face. This was easily treated with antibiotics. He was heartworm positive which is not good news because of the expense of treatment, but common for street dogs. But we were given the sad news that he had probably been hit by a car and his x-ray indicated he had injury to his hip and leg.
The surgery is expensive, but needs to still go through heartworm treatment prior to this much needed surgery. Most people would say, he is not worth saving, but we believe different. We are looking for help with Red’s surgery and vetting expense. We are also looking for a foster or adopter for this beautiful dog that does not deserve where humans have failed. Please help us with Red.

Name: Sparky ADOPTED! 
Gender: Male
Six months old approx.
Meet Sparky - Sparky was born on the streets just north of Downtown Houston in the Hardy Street/Cavalcade areas (5th Ward). He and his brother Spuds along with their mother would cross busy streets in all kinds of traffic to find food and water.

Eventually they made friends with a rescuer who was able to catch them when they were about 12-weeks old. Sparky, a Blue Heeler mix, is almost a year old now, happy, energetic and loving. He is neutered, micro-chipped, up-to-date on all of his vaccines and on flea/heart worm preventatives. Sparky was living in a boarding facility until he was lucky enough to get a great foster. His brother Spuds found his forever home. We are hoping that Sparky will find one soon.

Name: Burgie ADOPTED! 
Gender: Male
3 to 4 years old
Meet Burgie – Burgie was with 3 other dogs living at a car lot on Harrisburg & Milby in Greater East End Houston. Sadly this area is known for many homeless street dogs. The car lot owner was trying to help but things got too overwhelming with so many dogs.

Burgie is a beautiful boxer mix. She loves a car ride and seems to be the gentle leader of this pack. She is approximately 40 lbs. She is about 3 to 4 years old. She was tested heartworm positive, but receiving treatment and should be fine. She received all of her vaccinations and was spayed. She is really good with other dogs and loves to be petted by humans.

We did not want to return her to the car lot, so we have in her boarding until she can find a foster or adopter.

If you would like to contribute to the cause, here are a few of Benevolent Jewels new items that you might like.

Image of Sweet Pineapple Necklace

Image of Beige Blooming Grove Necklace

Image of Pink Bengal Watch

Image of Green Bow Clutch

There are so many items to choose from. I love them all!!
I hope you have fun shopping and would love to hear some of your favorites!
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