Thursday, January 9, 2014

Closet Confessions

While organizing my closet today, I noticed that a lot of my clothes have sequins, are sequined, animal prints and lots of floral prints. If someone who didn't know me, took a peek into my closet and had to guess what I did for a living, I think they would think I worked as a Vegas showgirl. Hmmmm...What does your closet say about you? Boring, business girl, casual..too casual or crazy? What do you think?

Shirt J.Crew (Similar)
Bag L.A.M.B (old)(Similar)
Journals c/o J.Crew
Dress Paper Crown
Sequin Pants Dolan


  1. That is exactly why I love your blog and your style as I love the sequins and sparkle as well. I love how you wear the sequins in moderation and dress it down for everyday wear - it has given me a lot of ideas.

  2. Let's just call it "full-time glamour girl" and be done with it. ;o)