Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AG cutoffs..Deletta Graces Tank & A Sparkle Sweater

I know this outfit isn't very fancy but my family wanted to play with the horses we have on our land...so this was as fancy as I could get...Now, normally I don't get too close to horses because they scares me..I was bucked off as a young child and I know they can smell fear..which in return makes me more fearful of them...but they sure are pretty to watch..I only hope they can smell my admiration instead...

AG Cutoff shorts
Bought at Anthropologie
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Emery feeding the horse an apple...

Sweater bought at Anthropologie
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Anthropologie Deletta's Graces tank (no longer available)
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TOMS Maseru Sunglasses (HERE)

Banana Republic Wooden bangles (no longer available)
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Tori Spelling Link bracelet and Michael Kors watch

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  1. Cute casual look. :) I'm so sorry that you're scared of horses though!! I rode beginning at age 5 until I moved to NYC and I miss it so much. I used to fall off all the time when I was a kid. I am just a klutz. But I loved it, horses are such calming and wonderful animals. That's so cool that you have horses right on your land.