Thursday, July 19, 2012

Filtered Rays Top & Blackbirds Shorts

  Ooh.. what a week...this week I was taught several life lessons...One of them was a realization that as the summer moves on, and the days keep creeping closer and closer to "back to school" time...I realize the extra time the summer gives me to spend with my kids, is shrinking. It's easy to let day to day chores consume your time and sometimes I need to remind myself that chores are boring and work is boring and in order to have fun memories with my kids...we need to get out...and today my washing machine broke so I used that as a justification that I'm using it too much and too out we went!

  In our town there is an area where the streets and buildings are old and historic. The old train station, that now serves as a museum, is so pretty with the fountains nearby. The buildings have such pretty moldings and mostly made of brick and there are hanging plants swinging from the old lamp posts. I love it..

The sun was out with a hint of a breeze and the sound of the water in the fountains was so peaceful..Ive learned that there are not many places around that can be classified as "peaceful" so when I do find such a place...I take note...

I'm wearing Anthropologie Blackbird shorts which are still available online and I love them..
They are so soft and fully lined and have two side pockets..which I love pockets...

The bracelet is vintage...

I'm wearing my TOMS Maseru them...

Here is Jack...with mustard all over his face...stinking corn dog!

Jack and I are watching the trains go by...he loves the sounds of the engines and the squeal of the breaks...all the while, wearing his favorite football jersey that he would sleep in if I let him..oye!

I love the buildings and the brick...just love it..

And at the end of my day..watching my boys wrestling in the yard makes me so happy...there is no where I'd rather be...

What I'm wearing..

 Anthropologie Blackbird Shorts

Blackbirds Shorts

Anthropologie Bordeaux Filtered Rays Top

Get This Look...

Anthropologie Fluted Tunic

Fluted Tunic

GAP Ikat Canvas Shorts


  1. I absolutely love those shorts on you! Such a casual chic outfit. It seems like it was a great day! Have SUCH a great weekend! Loving your blog :)

    A Southern Drawl

  2. Those shorts look great on you and I love the orange!

  3. Those look like the comfiest pair of shorts! And that print is darling :)