Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ruched Peasant Blouse & Blanched Crocus Maxi

What a scorching day ending with a thunder storm. I love summer thunder storms..they are my favorite...My favorite way to spend my evenings is to sit and watch a movie with the kids with the windows open with thunder and lighting crashing outside....I really enjoy it when a good scary movie is on too!!

Anthropologie Ruched Peasant Blouse

Michael Kors black watch
JCrew bracelets

Anthropologie Blanched Crocus Maxi

This watch is one of my favorites...honestly it doesn't even have the right time..its all for show! Its a shiny black with rhinestones around the face of the watch..makes me feel extra fancy!

These are some flowers my husband planted for the vibrant pink-ish red...thanks Steve!

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