Sunday, August 12, 2012

J.Crew Panama Hat & Anthropologie Saturday Tee

Today was a scorching day but we couldn't resit some Art In The Park that our town holds annually...its a place to listen to local bands, handmade crafts for sale and of course yummy, greasy food...and we never can leave without visiting all the jumpy houses...

The old fighter jet that is on display on the park is always my boys favorite attraction..

This old train engine has been in the park all my life and today, they opened it up for us to peak inside...I love old trains and of course, my boys loved it too..

I wish I could play on the jumpy houses...

Charlie begging for ice cream....

Just some random guy I met in the park....just kidding...
My husband Steve

Emery and I playing with our shadows...and Charlie playing with the handmade was a good...relaxing..lazy day..

J.Crew hat (HERE)
Anthropologie Saturday Tee (Similar HERE or HERE)


  1. Awesome pictures! Have a good time!