Tuesday, August 14, 2012

J.Crew Sequin Tank & Anthropologie AG Stevie Jeans

As the summer winds down..it's time for some back to school shopping...every year I try to make it as fun as possible with lunch at the mall (my kids love that) and ice cream at our local ice cream shop..by the end of the day, I am wiped out..shopping with 4 kids is hard..especially when the little one is cranky...
Today I was able to tolerate his crankiness because before we headed out to find the best bargains..we stopped at out library.. and there was a mother who was dealing with her autistic boy who seemed to be having a tantrum...I was so impressed how she dealt with his anger and her embarrassment..just a small reminder of how lucky I am that my kids are healthy...so cheers to her and all the other mothers who deal with such challenges every day...my admiration and compassion goes out to you...

Ending the day with a nice Blackberry cheesecake (low fat) waffle cone....yummy!!

J.Crew Sequin tank (HERE)
Gap Jean jacket (old) (similar HERE)
AG Stevie Jeans (Similar HERE)
Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs (old)
Ring (vintage)


  1. Good for you for looking so great and stylish with FOUR kids! I only have 2 and I can barely make it to the grocery store and back in one piece.

  2. Well i am one of those ones that have an autistic child.Prayers for me please is all I can say

  3. You look so cute. I usually go school shopping without my kids (I am lame) They are boys and couldn't care less what I buy and when I take them they end up likeing the one thing in the whole store I hope they don't see. Maybe I'll be a good mom when they get older and I will take them. Looks like it was fun!