Saturday, September 8, 2012

J.Crew Sequin Tank & Anthropologie Femme Ruffle Trench

Yesterday was a heck of an errand day! I think I was in my car for 6 hours straight..after having my morning caffeine, I was in turbo mode. Football, dance, cross country, store, laundry....etc. But while I was making dinner, my 7 year old came into the kitchen wanting to help. Well, anyone with kids knows that when they want to "help," the task takes twice as long. Just as I was about to say no, I had a thought...maybe this moment was a defining moment for Jack and I, maybe it was a sign that I needed to slow down, relax and take a minute with my son. So we did and yes dinner was late but I felt more at peace and my son was proud at the meal he helped prepare...
So my moral of that story is, sometimes life goes so fast and we get so busy that it takes a seven year old to slow us down.

J.Crew Sequin Tank (old) (similar HERE)
Tori Spelling Stacked Necklace(old)
Anthropologie Femme Ruffle Trench (old) (similar HERE)
House of Harlow Sunglasses (HERE)
Joe's Skinny Jeans (HERE)