Wednesday, September 19, 2012

J.Crew ZigZag Dress & J.Crew Everly Pumps

The post summer sniffles has hit our house....first the kids all get it...and lastly..myself.
All I want to do is stay in bed with my Kleenex and sleep, but every mother knows that nothing stops when mom is sick...
The laundry has no mercy...things still get dusty and for some reason the dishes won't clean themselves...I still even have to put on my Taxi cap for all the shuttling kids around...
The worst part of it when someone random states..."oh you look horrible" ...Well thanks...just the look I was going for today..

J.Crew Zig-Zag Sequin Dress (HERE)
J.Crew Everly Satin Pumps (HERE)

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  1. You look beautiful! I am loving this dress and the sass you added in the heels. Great combo!!

  2. Love the pattern on this dress and the pop of color from the shoes!

  3. Oh my this whole outfit is perfection! I am so in love with the shirt from J. Crew that is like this. And those shoes...amazing! Hope you start to feel better!

  4. Lovely dress. I love J.Crew. That pattern... wow!!!


  5. These shoes are to die for-I absolutely love them!

  6. I adore your heels. I have been looking for them EVERYWHERE. Want them so desperately. It is love at first sight, I promise.

    If you ever decide to sell them please email me at: I am a size 7US. :)