Friday, March 15, 2013

Red & Blue

J.Crew Gingham Shirt (HERE)
J.Crew Trench (Similar)
Banana Republic Skirt (HERE)
J.Crew Heels (HERE)
Tori Spelling HSN Necklace (old)
Michael Kors Watch (Similar)
Toms Sunglasses (HERE)
Stella & Dot Bracelet 
Vintage Cuff
L.A.M.B bag (old)

This has been a difficult week. My daughter has had her first real experience with bullying at her school. Luckily, she wasn't the one who was bullied but a classmate was. The effect it had on the other student, left my daughter so distraught and she came home crying because she had never experienced that sort of cruelty before. It's hard to try to explain to your daughter how to deal with bullying because it never really goes away. As we get older, the bullying only changes form but it's still there. Having dealt with some myself this week, I knew how she was feeling. My heart breaks for the other girl and her family..
Have any of you ever had to deal with this?

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  1. Lovely outfit Rosalyn! I really love navy and red together, especially the solid navy + gingham :) Lovely pairing!

    What a terrible experience for your daughter! Kids are always cruel and I suppose she will just have to learn that, unfortunately I don't have any helpful advice except to not let her get involved. You just have to make her understand that being cruel is not good and won't get you anywhere in life. Best of luck :)