Monday, May 27, 2013

A Few of My Favorites..

Today I wanted to post a few of my favorite things, new and old.

Vintage magazines, esp those of Marilyn Monroe, I love her.
And remember this Vanity Fair? I don't know why I kept it all these years, but I just love it.
And of course, Lulu Frost, who doesn't love her along with Kate Spade.
Are you a magazine keeper?

This houndstooth dress I found in a vintage shop and my J.Crew hat.
I love finding vintage dresses. 

My first L.A.M.B heels, I think these were from one of the first collections, not sure??
J.Crew sequins, I love all the sequin pieces J.Crew comes out with.

Marc By Marc Jacobs silk dress, I adore it. 
The fur shawl was my mother's. 
I have pieces of her clothing hanging in my closet that I will never wear but I just love having it there. Is that weird?? 
I love flipping through, trying to find something to wear and a dress of hers will just "pop" up. I cant help to stop and stare at it for a min..I love it, they all still smell like her too.

Do you have some pieces of jewelry or clothing that make you happier than others?
I'd love to see it!

Kate Spade Heels (HERE)
J.Crew Hat (HERE)
Marc Jacobs dress (old)(Similar)
Lulu Frost (Similar)
L.A.M.B shoes (old)(Similar)


  1. I have pieces in my closet also that I should probably sell or give away but I just love them there! Great shots.

  2. Absolutely beautiful collection of items. Aren't vintage magazines the best? I adore Marilyn.


  3. You've got some great classic pieces. The classics never go out of style.