Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What makes me happy..

What are some things that make you happy? I get happy over new shoes and a new handbag, like any other girl would...but I want to know what else makes you happy? 
This week while going through old photos, I found a few things that make me so happy and I wanted to share them with you.
Such as....

My daughter in her first year of dance..
The tutu and the ballet slippers are too cute..is it bad that I used to pinch her little buns when she was in her leotard??? 
She was just so stinking cute...

I remember when I used to help out backstage...it was kinda a nightmare, getting all the girls ready and  feathers in place..but now that she's older and doesn't need me backstage...
I miss it

Watching my son play sports and cheering him on makes me not only happy 
but proud..

Remembering this little red bow that my daughter couldn't go without, she insisted on wearing it everyday..
I still have it

Remembering my grandfather and the last Christmas we spent together. 
He loved his funny hats..

My son Jack and his love for his spider, "Webster"
(yes, he's creepy!)

Charlie and his dimples..there are no words..

Some other items that make me happy are...

The Crown + Glitter "Love" necklace
My I gave my daughter one.
Rose Gold Cursive Love Necklace
The VK Collection Pranvera Necklace
I love this piece because it's different from a lot of other flower necklaces I've seen, 
it has a vintage feel to it, I love it!

This Shabby Apple tulle skirt makes 
me very, very happy!

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I love finding charms necklaces or charms for my daughters charm bracelet..
I hope to keep adding to it so she will think of me when she wears it
(maybe I do that because I lost my mother so young)???

Shabby Apple Cupcake Charm Necklace.
Every year I make cupcakes for my daughter's birthday...pink ones with pink frosting:)

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Stripes always make me happy

Shabby Apple Nautical Red Skirt

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And buying from a website that donates some of their proceeds to a good cause, that also makes me happy..

Benevolent Jewels Color block scarf is one of my summer favorites, and proceeds go towards helping the Barrio Dogs
I love that!

Image of Colored Block Scarf

Thank you for stopping by...and I love to hear from you!!

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