Wednesday, November 27, 2013

+Works & Benevolent Jewels

I have been working with Benevolent Jewels for awhile now and have always loved their cause and what they do for different charities, but their current cause is my favorite thus far.
(Details below)
Here are a few of my past loves from Benevolent Jewels and have many more to wear over the next few weeks. 
Which jewel is your favorite?

From now until February 21, 2014, 20% of our profits will be donated to +Works. 
+Works (pronounced positive works) began in 2010 and is a nonprofit located in Houston, Texas. 
The organization was created “to serve as a catalyst for positive community change by bringing families, schools, and other stakeholders together with measurable programs seeking to get ahead of adult and student bullying and other trending community issues that keep adults and kids in our neighborhoods up at night.” (Taken from +Works)
Unlike other anti-bullying programs, +Works strives to spread awareness about the issues of bullying by using innovative approaches that cause adults and children to tackle the cycle before bullying begins and while it occurs. Today, +Works can be found in eleven Houston area schools.
You can help support this cause by purchasing any of our jewels.
For more information about +Works, please visit

Thanks for taking the time to read about the cause and hope you will visit Benevolent Jewels, I'm sure you will find something you love too.

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