Monday, December 9, 2013

Hunter Boots & J.Crew

Today it is -6 degrees out...I know I have said it before but in case you missed it, I do not like cold cold winters like this one. But instead of dwelling on the...ahem..negative, I thought of some things I do like about the winter.
1. Playing in the snow with the kids...its a good time to be silly.
2. Sledding all day and then warming up with hot chocolate, (the kids, not me, I hate chocolate).
3. Sitting by the fire watching T.V. I know that probably sounds cheesy but it's true. I mean, who wouldn't love that??
(this pic if from last year, ya know, back when the weather was a normal 20 degrees and not in the negatives!)

Boots Hunter'
Coat J.Crew (Similar)
Scarf Banana Republic (old)(Love)
Leggings (Similar)

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