Monday, June 16, 2014

Vintage Stripes, J.Crew & H&M

Today I stepped out of my comfort zone and wore my glasses. Sometimes its good to step out of your comfort zone, I think it keeps you from getting yourself in a style rut.
 Also, I don't post pics of fancy flowers bought from a store or market, but here is a pic of my favorite flower, one my son picked for me. I just love his excitement and his expressions when he brings me a flower. I also love how happy he gets when I put them in a jar or vase and display them in the kitchen, even if sometimes he brings me a weed..I would take a bouquet of handpicked flowers from my son over a dozen store bought flowers any day.
Dress Vintage (Similar)
Bag J.Crew (old)(Similar)
Sandals H&M (Love These)
Glasses Geek Eyewear

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  1. In love with this vintage find!!


  2. Aww, your son is so sweet picking you flowers :). I think you look great in your glasses! That vintage dress is really cute, as are the sandals. I LOVE your yellow bag!! Visiting from WIW link up.

    1. Aww thank you! I My favorite is in the spring when my son picks me Lilacs. He knows they are my favorite and I will come home to a bouquet of them in my kitchen. Love it.

  3. Can't beat vintage stripes and a great bag!
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  4. Love your vintage stripes and yellow bag!


  5. That is so sweet that your son brought you a flower! I can see why you would rather have that than any kind of flower!

    Love the dress - so chic but also so cozy looking. And those sandals are awesome!

  6. That dress looks great--an interesting combo of sporty and classic, I love it!