Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Zoe Karssen French Kissing

Today I am wearing my new favorite, delicate and simple necklace from 9th & Elm and one of my favorite Zoe Karrsen sweaters. Not going to lie, today I did get a lot of weird looks from people trying to read my sweater, esp the ladies over 80. Then they would give me a look and I knew what they were thinking, "french kissing?"
People often ask me why I would pay so much for a sweater like this and the truth is, I don't. I am what I like to call, a retail stalker. Once I find an item I like, I look for sales, coupons or discount codes, (i'm sure we all do that) but, I also try to find it on another website. I do occasionally pay full price for an item if the item is selling out fast or is a limited edition, but not very often. I keep the item saved in my wishlist, even if it's the wrong size, that way I have a quick link to the item to see if my size has become available. Esp at J.Crew, their sold out items always pop back up eventually.
Are you a shopping stalker?
Sweater Zoe Karssen
Sunglasses TOMS
Shorts Asos (old)
Necklace 9th & Elm
Bracelets INPINK
Sandals J.Crew

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  1. I'm a retail stalker also! My friends make fun of me, but then are jealous of some of the deals I find. Your shirt is so cute and I love those shorts!

    Nicole to the Nines

  2. Love this look! So cute :).


  3. LOVE that sweater!!

    Go Chic Yourself

  4. I would def want this sweater. Its super cute. I love it.
    I always love your fishtail braid.

    Pay me a visit @ www.roothless-xo.blogspot.ca