Wednesday, March 4, 2015

J.Crew Hothouse Floral & Brushed Wool Scarf

So in case you were wondering where I have been lately, well...I have been in misery. My husband and I are building a house and trying to sell our old one and I have to say, it is so stressful. You would think building a new home, picking out all the colors, lights etc. that you want would be fun, but it's not. Living out of boxes, never knowing where anything is, is so stressful and overwhelming. the upside of everything is that while boxing up my closet, I have been finding older items that got pushed to the back of my closet such as this oldie from J.Crew. I love the greens and blues and it goes perfect with my new furry friend, this pom pom key chain that I found on Etsy. 
Any advice on how to stay sane during moving/building?
Blouse J.Crew (old)
Jeans AG Jeans
Flats Madewell (old)
Scarf J.Crew
PomPom Etsy

My Fancy Pants...


  1. Actually, I would think that building a house is incredibly stressful-so many decisions to make but it will be your dream home in the end right? So it's worth it. Love your blouse, I have the factory version in the min skirt

  2. Love the colors in this top,like watercolors, very springy and I am dying from that bag! Not sure about moving advice, it is just not of luck!

    from the link up, please stop by, jess xx