Monday, August 24, 2015

My New Closet

Moving or building a new home is exciting, but yet sucks at the same time. The stress, the mess and inability to find anything because its packed away in boxes, is the crappy part, (for me anyway), but being able to clean out junk and get organized, is the fun part. I am a very neat and organized person. I know where everything is and have a place for everything, esp in my closet. It has taken me weeks to get my closet put together and even though I have a few more boxes to empty, I think I'm about done. Now, I just have to wait for the electrician to come back and hang my chandelier. Yes, I said chandelier...I've always wanted a fancy light in my closet and now I finally have a closet big enough for one. #dreamcometrue

Tee J.Crew
Earrings House of Harlow 1960
Boots J.Crew
Tennis Tory Burch, J.Crew, Loeffler Randal

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