Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Vintage Dress & J.Crew Fur Striped Cable Knit Scarf

One of my favorite pieces to wear in the fall/winter is long a sleeved vintage dress. I found this bright orange one on Etsy in one of my favorite vintage shops. I swear, you can find the best vintage stuff on Etsy! Also, this scarf is fuzzier and thicker than I expected it to be. I am a scarf person and am tired of the blanket, plaid scarfs that I see on everyone, (don't get me wrong, I still love those too), but its nice to see something different for once, don't you think?
Today, while wearing my vintage Timex watch, I have had probably five different people ask me what time it is and they get so confused when I tell them my watch doesn't work. They are probably thinking, "who wears a watch that doesn't work?" Well, I do, that's who. It was my grandfather's and he gave it to me and I love it. Who needs a working watch anyways when you always have you phone in your hand??

Dress Vintage ArchetypeVintage
Scarf J.Crew
Flats Charlotte Olympia
Sunnies Ray-Ban
Bangles Forever 21


  1. That is a beautiful dress! Love the bright colour, and your scarf looks very cosy :)

    Away From The Blue Blog