Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Vintage Finds and Loves

Growing up, I used to love exploring my mother's quirky finds. Anything from hair accessories to vintage knick knacks. Now that I have a home of my own, I have some of her stuff still here and there, but have inherited her love for searching for those unique items to add to my home.

I love my GEEK glasses, I think I will always be a "geek" at heart..

I thought this floral headband was cute for the summer paired with a messy updo..

Vintage eyeglass holder, I don't use it much, (I tend to throw my glasses anywhere) but it's definitely a conversation piece. 

I love vintage trays and mercury glass. What I love about the mercury glass is the imperfections. The candle holders or vases I find, seem to add a little bling to a drab space and I also don't have to worry about mismatched metals with the silver and gold tones..

Summer flower pots are my favorite. I love multiple flower pots on my porch and patio. I find that it's cheaper and easier to just paint the Terra Cotta pots myself so that when they break or chip, I don't care as much, plus, I think the chips add to the character of the pots for more of that vintage vibe..

Cookie jars..I know I have said before, I have a weakness for cookie jars..

Thank you for reading!

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