Monday, November 7, 2016

J.Crew Ratti Tile, Chelsea Glitter Boots & A Few More Favs

 This weekend, while trying to organize and purge my closet a little bit, I played around a little with some old favorite prints ans some new closet additions. 
I like to keep my closet organized and try, for the most part, to keep it color coordinated, but I also like to move things around a bit. Bring pieces I haven't worn in awhile to the front, etc. 

This bold, Ratti Tile print, an older print from J.Crew, is one of my all time favs. There are so many options to wear this with. I tend to always reach for the neutral or basic pieces, to not add to this crazy print. Plus, this coat is an outfit all on it's own. Don't you agree?

Glitter boots? I mean..need I say more?

Snake skin boots are always a little tricky for me. They are that item that you see on other people and think, "oh they are so cute!" but when I put them on, I feel so awkward and think, "do these look okay?" 

These bow booties and my absolute favorite. They are an older style by Chie Mihara, bought at Anthropologie. This pink silk, fluted skirt from J.Crew is just perfection. I know there has been some similar styles of this skirt in last few years, but this one is my favorite thus far. 
Lately, I have been addicted to the Game Pigeon game app on my phone. Have you tried it? It's fun playing with my kids while i'm at work or while everyone else is panicking over the election tomorrow..I'm not one to get worked up about the election. I will make my vote and myself a stiff drink, then move on, back to purging my closet!
Thank you for reading, and for those who are stressed about tomorrow, 
"May the odds be ever in you favor!"

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