Monday, October 9, 2017

Just One of Those Days

Just some random Instagram shenanigans with maybe a little too much over sharing ..

I have to say, this has been a rough few months. Getting older sucks and with age still comes anxiety, depression and many other feelings that are just exhausting. It's easy to say, "look at my new earrings! I'm so happy!" but the reality is, it takes work to always look like the sun is shining. My little space, I have here on my blog, is a nice escape to forget about work, the news, rocky relationships, struggles of being a mom and to just talk about shoes, earrings to whatever.
I think a lot of bloggers hide that aspect in life, or maybe they truly are content? Who knows. All I know is, thank God for caffeine, medication and photoshop! I'm sure i'm not supposed to admit or say anything like that, but, sometimes you just need to.  

~Thanks for reading~

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