Monday, January 8, 2018

Vintage 70's Paganne Floral Pleated Maxi Gown

I have to say, I am glad the holiday's are over! This year has been a rough year and I tried really hard to get into the holiday spirit, but just wasn't feeling it. I was really missing my mother this year. In fact, when I saw this dress, while browsing on Etsy, I saw it and it made me think of her. This is something she totally would have worn. The browns and blues, are colors I remember her vividly wearing along with her long, straight, black hair, parted down the middle, with an occasional barrette on each side. Christmas was her favorite holiday. She would decorate every inch of her house, I was lucky to get a Christmas tree this year. I try every year to recreate her Christmas enthusiasm, but it's hard, really hard. 
Not to be a Debbie Downer, but how was your holiday?

Thank you for reading!

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Paganne was founded in the 1960's. The designer, Gene Berk, was know for his prints, which were signed, " Paganne.
My gold cuff, is from House of Harlow 1960

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