Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Magnolia Hearth and Home for Target & Hipster Art

I love adding quirky little accents to my walls. I am not what some people call, "a plain Jane."  I love eclectic items and unique vintage finds, not just for my closet, but for my home to. 
Of course, like everyone else, I find some really cute home decor at Target. I esp love the Opalhouse and Magnolia Hearth and Home collections. 
My only problem is, I'm running out of space to put everything!!

 Vintage kids books are always a sweet touch. These books were mine from when I was little and rather than have them stuffed in a box, I'd rather find a way to display them. So I decided to put these in my kid's bathroom. 

In our kids, bonus TV/game room, we have pictures with animals in argyle sweaters, glasses, and bow ties, a.k.a "hipsters" I just love them. They add the quirky vibe that I love plus I think they are so cute and unique. 

I guess I'm just quirky at heart. I have an inner weirdo which I think can make things more fun, I think. Helps me to not take myself or things too seriously. Plus I think it adds character. 

Thank you for reading!

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