Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Home Decor & Some of My New Obsessions

I am the type of person who is constantly changing things around my house. Old books, cake stands, rugs and even a set of old theatre chairs! I think all the constant changing, drives my husband crazy, but when I find a unique piece of furniture or some vintage decor, I just can't help myself!!
I seem to always be mixing vintage items with new finds.
Here are a few of my recent finds.

Vintage books are the easiest and cheapest way to add some height to a small candle or a plant, or in this case, this cute striped cake stand I found. 

Cutting boards in different shapes and colors are probably my newest passion. Especially like these striped marble ones. They are the perfect size and color! 

I have been using Peacock feathers more recently instead of flowers. My mother used to love Peacock feathers so by adding them to my home, reminds me of her. 

A glass cloche always adds to a table or shelf. Easy to change up from season to season too. They are perfect for adding flowers in the summer or vintage Christmas ornaments during the holidays.

Vintage portraits or pictures are probably my biggest weakness of all. I have so many that I need to start to sell and purge some of them. 

Picture lights are something I recently found. These ones I found, come with a remote and work on batteries. I can even set an on and off timer! 

Floor pillows are perfect for when the kids have friends over and want to watch TV or play games. 
What have you been obsessing over lately?
Thank you for reading.

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