Saturday, April 25, 2020

Vintage Pink, Green and Gold Trimmed Glassware.

I always knew that one day I would inherit my mother's and grandmother's jewelry but I never thought I'd be more excited to inherit my grandmother's and great-grandmother's fancy dishes, (that's what she always called them).

I've always loved the idea of grouping together dishes by color in almost a rainbow display, so with a lot of the same color hues, that's what I decided to do. 
Starting with her favorite, pink.

As much as I love her collection of pink plates and glasses and fancy teacups, I think I love green more since green always has been my favorite color. 

Milk glass has also always been a favorite of mine. I can never resist the temptation when I come across some in an antique or second-hand store. 

As of recently, I have also been accumulating different shapes, sizes, and materials of cutting boards. Smooth wood, striped marble, round, square, etc. 

Dainty teacups and crystal both seem so fancy, I can see why my grandmother collected as many as she did. 

Gold rimmed glassware and brass candlesticks. 
Shopping tip~
I always can find several of these candlesticks at the second-hand store, so if you are looking for some yourself, check your local thrift shops before paying too much online. 

I wanted to add some sparkle to my shelves, so I found these pink, glitter flowers at Hobby Lobby. 

With all the colors and different pieces in the cabinet, I wanted to add something simple on top. So I decided these large, clear glass bottles would be perfect. Some of these were also my grandmother's but I was also able to find some at Target and Hobby Lobby.

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