Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Shop With Me

 There is nothing better than finding a great vintage piece for an amazing price, whether it's for your home or closet, it feels so good finding something unique, affordable and that reflects your personality. 

Last year I fell in love with the Marc Jacobs Floral Neck Tie Silk blouse and was fortunate to snag it when it was at an insane sale price, but last week I also found this blouse in a vintage shop for 22$! The colors and silk necktie are similar to the Marc Jacob blouse. So today I wanted to share some great vintage pieces that you might be interested in and hopefully, you'll be excited as I am with a great vintage score!

I love the blue's, greens, and the fabric, in this blouse, even though it's vintage, feels new, and is so comfortable to wear. The bracelet I'm wearing was my mother's. I have a lot of her jewelry and wear them often. 

So take a peek at some of the items listed below and maybe you'll see something that will motivate you to shop for more thrifted or vintage gems.

Hope you have fun shopping!

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