Wednesday, October 28, 2020

My Fancy Thrift Store Finds

I finally finished painting our home office a few months ago and added some of my favorite thrift store decor. I absolutely love thrift store shopping for home decor. I never leave empty-handed and always find some of the coolest and the most unique items.
Plus, the excitement of only spending a little bit of money while leaving with a trunk full of items, is exhilarating. 

A lot of the items displayed were my grandfather's. Items such as the athletic letter, the lamps, and some of the clocks. For some reason, he had a lot of clocks which inspired me to display them all on my clock wall, (see post here).

I have found that for me, I think that grouping more unique items together, enhances their charm and the aesthetic of the room.  For instance, I collect brass candlesticks and find them more charming displayed together esp when they are all mismatched. 

Vintage mirrors are also an item I can't pass up.

Deep colors and velvet fabrics make this room one of my favorites in my home. Some people might think that it's too busy and prefer a cleaner, crisper look, but that's not my personality. It's important to make your home for you and what suits your personality and not worry about how others may perceive it. 
Do what you love.

 So the next time you are out running errands, stop by a thrift store even if it's just to browse, you might be surprised what you find. 
Please share with me your thrift store finds!

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