Thursday, January 7, 2021

Simple DIY Projects

Well now that the holidays are over and I am trying to recover from a very busy holiday season, I am trying to start the new year with positivity. I have been trying to put together a list of home projects that I hope to complete this year. I feel that when I have a project to focus on, I am less stressed. 
I've always wanted to find a jeweled mantle scarf and since I have yet to find one, this holiday season, I decided to just make my own. 

I was able to find these glass beads on Amazon and was able to string them together and then used holiday stocking hooks to attach them to my mantle. I am pretty proud of myself for the end result, but more importantly, my daughter loved it and so maybe one day when she has a family of her own, I will give these to her to start her holiday decor collection. 

Another simple project I did last fall, was I added some vintage broaches that I had collected to one of my lampshades. I'm not sure if I will keep them here for very long, but I like how they add some sparkle to a very plain lamp shade. 

Some other projects that I have added to my to-do list for this year are 
1. remodel my bonus room
2. repaint kids bathroom
3. add a garden shed to my garden area
4. reorganize and purge my closet
5. try to find time to paint more.
I know that none of those are "simple" projects but they will definitely lead to smaller projects, hopefully, which will keep me busy all year. 

What are some projects you are planning this year?

Thank you for reading.

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