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Thursday, February 16, 2017

J.Crew Collection Reversible Shearling Jacket & Celine Bam Bam Boots

Every year, I look forward to J.Crew's winter collection. They always have a few pieces that stand out from the rest and usually sell out fast and are then hard to find. This shearling coat, with its reversible silver lining, was that one piece this year. It is so unique and bold and maybe not in everyone's tastes, but I love it. It sure is special,  anyway you look at it. 

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

J.Crew Camo Jacket, Multi Color Scarf & Celine Bam Bam Boots

I have been so sick of the snow lately and now that most of it has melted off, it still is gloomy outside. So today, I wanted to add some color to my otherwise casual blah look. These Celine boots, which are my new favorites,  may have a high heel, but I can walk all day is them, they are very comfortable, I highly recommend.
I think a scarf this bold, can be dressed up, worn on its own, or even toned down with a simple, casual jacket and some distressed jeans. What do you think?

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

BlankNYC Embroidered Jacket, Marco De Vincenzo Velvet Heels & Some Vintage Loves

I recently found this cute little embroidered leather jacket.  Surprisingly, it was a reasonable price. Sooo.. if you are looking for a fun, new jacket, come shop with me!

I have been searching for these velvet heels by Marco De Vincenzo, for forever. How about you, did you add some velvet to your closet this year?

How cute are the added details to this topcoat from J.Crew!? They always manage to make their collection pieces extra special!

I have an obsession with vintage gold. I have been collecting vintage brass candlesticks, mercury glass candle holders and colored glass vases and glasses. I just love them. 

And last..these vintage desert plates, how cute are these!? They have matching cups too!

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

My IG Life

These metallic blue heels paired with this deep, wine calf hair moto jacket, is one of my favorite combos. I opted for the ripped jeans to make me feel more casual and no too dressed up for a simple dinner night out. 

I am a coat collector. This is a small fraction of the coats I have acquired over the years. This year, it has been colder than usual and it seems the winter started earlier than it usually does where I live, so I have been able to get more wear out of my coat collection. Which makes the hubby happy for sure...
"you never wear any of these!"..bla bla bla (insert eye roll emoji here).

I love bold, bright and colorful earrings. Some of these are from J.crew, but a couple were my mother's. I don't have any pictures of her wearing these and don't have any memories of them as a child, but I found them in one of her many jewelry boxes I inherited after she died. I just wish I could remember what she looked like wearing these and what she wore them with.  
Miss her.. 

 These pics are a few from my Instagram page. I haven't had a lot of time to blog lately, working nights in the ER is killing me. Maybe that's why I love fashion so much, it's a nice escape from all the crazy I deal with at work. 
 What kind of job do you have? What do you do to escape? 
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

J.Crew Collection Coat with Canary Shearling Lining

I don't know where you all live, but it has been the coldest winter we have seen in 30 yrs, (according to the weather man). Don't get me wrong, I like some snow. We like to play in the snow by skiing, snowmobile riding, sledding, you name it! This winter however, has been too cold and it makes me not want to leave my house..brr..
When I am forced to leave my house, layers-layers-layers are required. This coat, that I bought last year from J.Crew, is one of the warmest coats I have. I love it! It is reversible too! I know it runs really big, but I don't mind the over sized fit, some people might, but I don't. I have seen a few on ebay, so if you are looking for one, that's where I'd start. Good luck and I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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Friday, January 6, 2017

Gap Crazy Stripes, J.Crew Topcoat & the Best Vintage Ring Ever

Well, it snowed another 4 inches..brrr. I'm trying to stay sane, cooped up in my house. I guess it forces me to clean and get some much needed organizing done. Is it snowing where you live? If so, how do you play in the snow?
This ring i'm wearing today, I found at this cute, online vintage shop. Frippery Vintage. I follow her on IG @frippery_vintage, where she shows most of her collection. If you love vintage jewels, you should check out her store. I'd love to hear what items you love!
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Thursday, January 5, 2017

J.Crew Bright Orange, Stripes & the Best Bobble Hat Ever!

It has been snowing non stop the last few days and as you can see, the show is almost over my boots! I'm not a huge fan of the snow, but I do love layering and love wearing my coats! I love coats and have collected quite a few in my days.  I recently found these stripe finger-less gloves at Forever 21 and have worn them more than I thought I would. The Hunter Boots are my favorites, but they don't work well in the snow, I need to get the shearling inserts because even with heavy socks, my feet freeze, they are definitely a rain boot. The best part of what I'm wearing today, is my hat. Not only was it hand made by the sweetest gal ever, but it is so warm and not too tight on my head. Some beanies give me a headache after awhile, but this hat I could wear all day, and I do! Now I just need to get it in more colors!
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