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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Lazy Day with Vintage Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & J.Crew

Lately, I have been trying to just take a moment and relax or sit in the wet grass, to chit chat with my kids. Iv'e had the "who cares" attitude lately. Who cares if my laundry gets done a day later, who cares if the only productive thing I did all day was lay by the pool? Who cares if I order pizza for dinner..again? 
Sometimes,  it's good to just let things go, take a break and then next week, get everything done. So cheers, (clink) to doing nothing today! I am going to enjoy every minute of it!!

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Anthropologie Chris Benz Rhoda Cameo Gown

I know this dress is older, bought from Anthropologie, but I still think it's beautiful. Chris Benz designed some of my favorite pieces for Anthropologie a few years back and I still think they are just as gorgeous today as I did then. 
My matching cuffs, have always been one of my favorite accessories, even before the new Wonder Woman movie came out. I just think they look unique and not something everybody wears or thinks to wear. I personally love how they look with a gown like this one. 
But that's just me ;)

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Lola Hats Alpargatas Straw Hat & Orange Lace Summer Frock

I found this little red/orange lace dress at Target the other day. I couldn't pass it up! I have to say that it has been the perfect summer dress that I can just throw on and go anywhere. Because the price is so good, I don't really worry if I spill or snag it on anything! Stress free, I guess. 
I know this straw hat by Lola Hats, has been popping up everywhere, I bought mine last year and I still love it, truly a summer piece that I will wear year after year!

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