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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My Hydrangeas, Some Vintage & My Attempt to Declutter

This summer has just flown by! I can't believe its almost August already! We have been super busy with finishing up last little projects on our house, our garden we planted this year and cleaning out our storage unit. It feels good to declutter our lives and finally feel organized. 

I was so happy when my Hydrangeas started to bloom. We has such a harsh winter that I was worried they wouldn't come back. They are my favorite and I want to plant more this year too. 
Lately, I have been collecting blue and white ceramic pieces. I just think that when you bunch them up with several other blue and white pieces, they look so clean and classic. I just love it. 

My Hydrangea tree, another favorite of mine. I was bummed that none of my lilac trees bloomed this year!

I also got started on organizing my jewelry, what a mess that was! I had to find a new necklace tree because the one I had, kept tipping over. So I found this wire rack cupcake holder and it worked perfect. I was even able to add my bracelets and rings! Don't laugh, it worked great!

And then there is the trunk full of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. Old books, vintage magazines, plates, even a creepy but cool doll. Most of it will go back into the trunk but it was fun looking though it all. I love vintage finds!!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Lazy Day with Vintage Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & J.Crew

Lately, I have been trying to just take a moment and relax or sit in the wet grass, to chit chat with my kids. Iv'e had the "who cares" attitude lately. Who cares if my laundry gets done a day later, who cares if the only productive thing I did all day was lay by the pool? Who cares if I order pizza for dinner..again? 
Sometimes,  it's good to just let things go, take a break and then next week, get everything done. So cheers, (clink) to doing nothing today! I am going to enjoy every minute of it!!

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Anthropologie Chris Benz Rhoda Cameo Gown

I know this dress is older, bought from Anthropologie, but I still think it's beautiful. Chris Benz designed some of my favorite pieces for Anthropologie a few years back and I still think they are just as gorgeous today as I did then. 
My matching cuffs, have always been one of my favorite accessories, even before the new Wonder Woman movie came out. I just think they look unique and not something everybody wears or thinks to wear. I personally love how they look with a gown like this one. 
But that's just me ;)

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