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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Anthropologie Chris Benz Rhoda Cameo Gown

I know this dress is older, bought from Anthropologie, but I still think it's beautiful. Chris Benz designed some of my favorite pieces for Anthropologie a few years back and I still think they are just as gorgeous today as I did then. 
My matching cuffs, have always been one of my favorite accessories, even before the new Wonder Woman movie came out. I just think they look unique and not something everybody wears or thinks to wear. I personally love how they look with a gown like this one. 
But that's just me ;)

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Lola Hats Alpargatas Straw Hat & Orange Lace Summer Frock

I found this little red/orange lace dress at Target the other day. I couldn't pass it up! I have to say that it has been the perfect summer dress that I can just throw on and go anywhere. Because the price is so good, I don't really worry if I spill or snag it on anything! Stress free, I guess. 
I know this straw hat by Lola Hats, has been popping up everywhere, I bought mine last year and I still love it, truly a summer piece that I will wear year after year!

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Straw Hats, Straw Bags & A Few Other Summer Favorites

I have been looking for some wire rimmed aviator glasses for awhile, but didn't want to spend a lot of money, if I wasn't sure if I was going to like them. I found these at H&M and so far I think they are ok, not sure what everyone else thinks..
Still wondering if I can pull these off. Stay tuned..

This is one of my favorite, straw, summer hats. I just love the ribbon detail. The ruffle shirt is from J.Crew and even though they have had several ribbon front shirts before, there is just something different about this one, I just love it. It's sexier than some of the others I've seen.
I know this particular straw hat is a little spendy, but so worth it. I highly recommend. 
Here are a few less expensive options that are also very cute!

Here is where I spend most of my time, my kitchen. The magnets on the fridge are a DIY project. They are just a couple of cute frames that I glued magnets on the back. I don't like a cluttered fridge, but I wanted a little something to help brighten up the gunmetal color. 
My baker cookie jar is one that I found in a little gift shop. My mother used to have one similar in her kitchen and that's probably why I love him so much. I sure miss her..
The straw bag on the counter, seems to be the bag of the season. Straw bags are every where! In fact, where did you get yours?

These slingbacks are super old, bought from J.Crew. Do you remember these? Still, after all of these years, one of my favorite. I just love the yellow and the little velvet bow. I think you could easily achieve this look with an old broach, if you found two of the same, or some shoe clips. I see them on Etsy all of the time. 

Stripes and gingham, how do you choose? The red stripe espadrilles are older by UGG, but the earrings and the bow slides are this season. I bought the slides at Urban outfitters, They might be sold out by now though. 
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