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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Past Looks & Some Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking through some of my past looks recently, after someone asked me if I had any good Christmas gift ideas. Even though these looks are older, I think they are items, worn here, that I would still love to get as a gift, even today! 

A fun clutch. That is something every girl would love. Clare V. always has some super cute ones, but even places such as Target, also have very cute handbags for a much better price!
This cheetah clutch is hand made by Emily Dafoe

Nerdy tees. I always love fun, nerdy tees. Graphic or rocker tees. 

Something vintage is always the best gift ever! That can be tricky though, vintage sizing can be way different and usually there are no returns accepted. 

If you really know your gal, then shoes are a perfect gift! 
Who doesn't like shoes!?

Thanks for reading and here are some items that I think are cool and they are all items I would love to get as a gift, in case you are still needing some ideas!

~Graphic tee, fun scarves & more~

Friday, November 10, 2017

Jimmy Choo Patent Oxfords, J.Crew Top Coat & My New Favorite Book

I love this time of year when the leaves began to change colors and the leaves fall, but I esp like the shades of browns my Hydrangeas turn. Some might think they are dead and ugly, but I still love them. 

Quick post today, just hanging out in my kitchen, where I seem to always be. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Vintage Jacket, Hunter Boots & My First Snow of the Year

This weekend was a nice, quick getaway with one of my oldest friends. I wasn't prepared for the snow and didn't pack appropriately. I guess I'm not ready for the winter. I am a fall girl. I love the fall and everything about it. The trees changing, the sweater weather, the fires in our fire place, etc. I do dread the Christmas Holiday shopping. I love the holidays but the Christmas shopping hype just stresses me out. Plus, I'm a procrastinator which doesn't help my holiday anxiety either. 
This jacket and purse are an Etsy find. I find that I am buying more and more vintage items on Etsy. I just love it!
How about you? Are you a vintage shopper? If so, where do you like to shop?

Thank you for stopping by!