Saturday, September 15, 2012

Current/Elliott Polka Dot Jeans & Leopard Scarf

If you really knew'd know...

I cant drive in heels...
I pick at my split ends..
I rarely wear nail polish...
I am afraid of horses..
I married my high school crush..
I like football but I refuse to wear a sports sweatshirt that usually is 3x's too big...
I don't really like white shoes...
My idea of a perfect gift is a night out to less meal for me to make or to clean up...
I am a Harry Potter Lover, (my son and I are what my husband calls "Harry Potter Nerds")..
I am not a morning person..anything before 10 am is torture for me...
I don't listen to country music...  
and one more...
I am a reality Housewife junkie...and I do watch the Jersey Shore..I can't help it, their stupidity makes me laugh...It's like a train wreck you can't turn away from..

Current/Elliott Polka Dot Jeans in Lemon Grass (Sold out)
Leopard Scarf (Old Navy similar HERE)
Anthropologie Heels (old)
Francesca's Collection Blouse (Similar HERE)
Clutch Banana Republic (Similar HERE)
Toms Maseru Sunglasses (HERE)

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  1. Love this look! The pants and scarf look great together! (I don't like white shoes either!)

  2. You don't wanna drive in heels anyway. It ruins the backs of them and who wants that. I wish I'd scored those shoes. Lovely!

  3. I love this outfit & your blog!!
    Would you mind following?
    Thanks so much!!
    xoxo Elaine

  4. Those jeans are so cute on you! I love happy polka dots, and they look awesome paired with the print of your scarf, so unexpected and it really works! I can't wait for tonight's episode of RHNJ - good stuff. I'm also with you on the white shoes, country music, sports sweatshirts and nail polish ;)

  5. Cute outfit! Love the scarf! You are so funny, with you on nail polish and shoes but love country music:) oh and love horses;)

  6. Oh my heavens, girl! If I didn't already love your blog, those polka dots would've *for sure* won me over (that and the fact that I too am a Harry Potter Nerd (c;)! LOVE them! So crushed that they're sold out!

  7. Love the who ensemble but you know I LOVE LOVE the shoes!

  8. Love how you styled these pants. You look great!


  9. Perfect mix! Love your accessories too.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous outfit! Polka dot/colored pants + leopard scarf? You can't go wrong in that. So glad I came across your blog via My Thrifty Chic's post about "It List" hosted by The Good Life for Less.

    I also can't drive in heels. Especially these babies. And my boyfriend and I have been together since our high school days as well (since senior year, when we were 17). However, I wear nail polish all the time and absolutely LOVE country music!

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  11. Love the polka dots and leopard! I have been really wanting a pair of polka dot pants...they are just too cute! I too am a Housewives junky. I can't help myself!

  12. Gorgeous outfit! LOVE the polka dotted pants! Those are beyond fab <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  13. I love this look. So pretty! The mix of leopard with printed pants works so well here! I found you from the "IT" list! And I don't like white shoes either. I got married in silver glitter ones. I don't even think I could shop for a pair.

  14. I loved learning more about you - I pick my split ends too, and am totally NOT a morning person! Your polka dots + leopard scarf are fabulous!