Thursday, September 13, 2012

Zoe Karssen Creme De La Creme Sweatshirt & J.Crew Cafe Capri

J.Crew Cafe Capri Pants (HERE)
J.Crew Blythe Polka Dot Blouse (HERE)
Zoe Karssen Sweatshirt (HERE)
J.Crew Ocelot Heels (HERE)
J.Crew Polka Dot Clutch (HERE)


  1. I love that sweatshirt. Clutch, pants. The whole ensem is really cute :)

  2. I love that practically your whole ensemble is J.Crew!! It's my favorite brand!! That sweater is super cute too! :)


  3. Found your blog through our IT List and so glad I did! I'm dying to get this sweatshirt! Newest follower! xx.

  4. Just hopped over from the IT list. I have been majorly crushing on that sweatshirt for a while (have you seen the 'Oh La La' one?!). Can you only buy Zoe Karssen on her site or is she carried in any of the major dept stores like Saks/Neiman/Bloomies etc?

    oh and also - I HATE chocolate too - with a passion :)

    1. I have only seen them on (limited supply left), and (also limited supply) but I have found that they are cheaper if you order directly through the website...shipping is pretty fast too..for reference, in the picture i'm wearing an xs and I'm normally between a 4-6 in tops. Hope this helps!

  5. I am so so so in love with that clutch. I have been since I first saw it. And I adore that sweatshirt and those pants. Super cute!

  6. Loving that of my favorite pieces lately!
    Sheree xxx