Saturday, July 27, 2013

My New Favorite Heels..

What makes something vintage? Is there an official rule?  If you have a dress that is a few years old, is that just old, or vintage? For instance, this is an older dress by Anna Sui from Anthropologie, is it just "old" or "vintage?" Or would you just say its "older?" I'm just wondering...

Anthropologie Borboleta Dress by Anna Sui 
Heels Miu Miu (Similar)(Here)
Necklace Zara
Bracelets Tori Spelling (Similar)

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  1. According to an online search:

    Generally speaking, clothing which was produced before the 1920s is referred to as antique clothing and clothing from the 1920s to 20 years before the present day is considered vintage. : )

    Gorgeous dress by the way!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Awww..thanks Lisa, that means a lot coming from such a stylish girl such as yourself!!

  3. One of the reasons I love Anthropologie is because their dresses are so timeless. I guess you could say it's "old" however, since it's from Anthro, I would go "vintage" all the way! Either way, it is a pretty dress. :) Stopping by from the Trend Spin Link up!

  4. Cute shoes and an equally adorable dress :)

    Visiting from the linkup. I'd love for you to come over by blog too and leave your thoughts on my latest post:

  5. That dress is so pretty! I love the color on you and that beautiful print. The shoes are beautiful also!


  6. Your shoes and dress are absolutely gorgeous Rosalyn. WOW!! You look like a Bouquet of Spring.

    I have stopped by here before. I am Ada. I welcome you to check out my blog. Thanks.