Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some of my Summer Favs..




I'm kinda bummed that summer is ending soon. School for us starts on Aug 20th and I already feel the stress of "back to school" shopping. Plus, seeing all the "Fall Preview" lines, makes me feel excited for fall but at the same time, bummed...bummed I have to put all my summer favorites away. This summer, I found that I was drawn to bold colors, stripes, quirky clutches, and a lot of mixing patterns. But, I guess I am drawn to all those same things in every season..I guess that's my style. 
Some of my friends go for the "simple" look. Solid colors, blacks, blues..not much print. I would say I am the opposite, in fact, I could use a little more solids in my closet.
What are some patterns, or colors that fancies you? 

Okay, next question...
When you have, bold, unique pieces of clothing, when do you know it's time to get rid of them??? It's funny that Anthropologie recently came out with their "Archival Collection"...is that what you do? Store your favorite items and when you wear them later, just say, "this is from my archives"

 Do you have an "archival collection?" If so, what's in it??


  1. I try not to get rid of any of my favorites, just stick them in the back of the closet for a few months!


  2. Roselyn I enjoy your style. I found your blog on the Lucky Mag Community. It stood out from so many. Kudos to you!


  3. So interesting you should mention archive items! That is the term I have been using for my clothes that I wear rarely because I have owned them for many years and I want to keep them in good condition. People are always impressed when I wear items from over 10 years ago. Those items are usually better quality than recently bought items. I find that wearing certain items only rarely helps to maintain the special feeling. Btw love your blog and style. I used to wear lots of plain clothes and colours but now am more adventurous! Way more fun this way :-)

  4. Lately I've been exploring prints a whole lot. Lovely the summer maxi dresses with prints.
    Love your blog!


  5. I'm always one for stripes and bold color but tend to shy away from prints as well. They're timeless and perfect for any season, really.

    When it comes to bold pieces of clothing, I usually tend to store them away for a bit and then wear them in a different season when it's easier to layer with (or without!) something for a different look. :)

    Oh, Ivory Blog