Friday, March 4, 2016

Some Vintage, Some New and Little Tid Bits about Me.

(My love for vintage pictures)

(Stripes and a plaid blazer makes for an easy OOTHD)

(I love the details..little gold buttons)

(And yes I am a lover of the controversial Gucci Princeton Fur Loafers)

(Red patent loafers are always a good pop of color)

(The Tory Burch Mabley Pleated Coat that I have been searching for, forever!!)

(Where I drink my RedBull... yes I said RedBull..I am not a coffee lover, but do need lots of caffeine to get me through the day)

(This vintage puzzle has been in my family for years and now my Charlie, loves it! Finally! A game that doesn't require WFi)

(Hello? I love this vintage inspired phone from Pottery Barn along with my Alice in Wonderland calendar!)

(Our little phone desk which I think is perfect even with all it's imperfections)

(These are the kind of pictures my mother would have loved, the dried flowers pressed into the glass...its something she would have love, and did love,  makes my heart ache for her..)

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