Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Vintage Dress Favorite, J.Crew Cashmere Stripe Sweater, Little Embellishments & My Favorite Reds..

I am a sucker for vintage dresses with long sleeves and side pockets. This dress has both so it was perfect for this chilly Easter Day. Hope you all had a perfect Easter! I do have to say, no deviled eggs for me for awhile...

This bejeweled button down makes for the easiest outfit ever, no other jewelry needed, and the cashmere leopard sweater..um yeah! Duh!

This J.Crew cashmere sweater runs super large, I normally wear a small and in this picture, I am wearing an xxs. Just fyi..

A perfect little lady for the not so perfect items that clutter my counter!

Everyone needs a little hedgehog..

And this is me..when I should have bought the shoes...(long sigh).

And last..this little jar that holds all my favorite reds. 

(all these pictures are from my IG so the clarity isn't so great, but you can find me @Rosalynkirkman)

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