Monday, December 5, 2016

Rebecca Minkoff Bojana Velvet Booties, Vintage L.A.M.B Cheetah Clutch & Studded Details

These studded boots from Anthropologie are old as well as this vintage necklace, but still two of my favorites. This vintage aviator jacket is a recent find.

This clutch by L.A.M.B is old as well, but these Chloe booties are somewhat new. I think this cheetah print clutch was from one of the first roll outs of the L.A.M.B handbag collection in 2007. I have several from that collection and love them all. 

I have posted a picture of this studded, red leather jacket before, I just had to post another one because I just love it. I know the bright red with the studs might be a big, "no" for some people, but I don't care. 

This sweater and clutch/cross-body, are a couple more oldies that I just can't part with, but these velvet booties are a recent purchase from Rebecca Minkoff. Velvet is so in right now and I just love how these, with the crushed velvet texture, look so different than most of the booties I have found. I feel like these could get scuffed up a little easier than the flawless velvet booties, which makes them easier to wear, I think anyways. 
As I have said before, I am a sucker for a good vintage find. I especially love items from my mother's closet. Some people I know, don't like vintage at all. They only like the newest items or items that have never been worn. Or vintage name brand items, like vintage Chanel or vintage Gucci. 
Which one are you? What's your shopping vibe? Old? New?

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