Thursday, January 5, 2017

J.Crew Bright Orange, Stripes & the Best Bobble Hat Ever!

It has been snowing non stop the last few days and as you can see, the show is almost over my boots! I'm not a huge fan of the snow, but I do love layering and love wearing my coats! I love coats and have collected quite a few in my days.  I recently found these stripe finger-less gloves at Forever 21 and have worn them more than I thought I would. The Hunter Boots are my favorites, but they don't work well in the snow, I need to get the shearling inserts because even with heavy socks, my feet freeze, they are definitely a rain boot. The best part of what I'm wearing today, is my hat. Not only was it hand made by the sweetest gal ever, but it is so warm and not too tight on my head. Some beanies give me a headache after awhile, but this hat I could wear all day, and I do! Now I just need to get it in more colors!
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