Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Vintage Polka Dots & Lola Hats Alpargatas Straw Hat

I am so excited for spring! I have been doing a lot of vintage shopping on Etsy and am loving the all the polka dot vintage blouses I am finding!
I am also excited to get out my summer hats, like this one, by Lola Hats. I love all of her hats, but especially love the straw floppy options!

I always find it funny, that every year, past styles become popular again. Fashion and trends must be  forever revolving because I remember when I was young, my mother saying the same thing to me, "Oh I remember that from when I was little!" 
 This spring, it's all about retro or vintage style. I am loving the bright colors and eye catching prints. Everything seems to have a vintage vibe to it, which is of course, my favorite!
So, if you're wanting to add some retro to your closet, don't hesitate to scroll though Etsy or even a local vintage shop. I bet you will find some great, one of a kind pieces!
Thanks for stopping by and thank you for reading! 
If you find some really cool stuff, let me know, I'd love to see them!!

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