Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Gucci Heels, Vintage & Some New Goals

The past few weeks have been tough. Trying to get the house ready for summer, pulling weeds, planting flowers etc. is exhausting. I have been doing better at taking some time off for myself and it has been helping with my stress and overall well being. 
Taking time to relax, read a book or even exercising, all has been a huge help on my mental well being. Working nights, seems to be getting harder and harder. It really takes a toll not only mentally, but physically too. 

I just started this new novel. Hopefully it won't take me all summer to read!

Every summer, I always enjoy planting flowers in my yard as well as in my pots for the patio and front porch. It's so satisfying when I get them all planted. Just love it!
I'd have to say, Coleus plants are my favorite. I just love the basic reds and greens in a pretty pot. 
Just so pretty and simple. 

I still am always on the hunt for some good buys and good vintage finds. These Gucci heels are some that I have been stalking for awhile now. I found them on a reputable website, for a really great price. 
This vintage, polka dot jacket, was an Etsy find. Love Etsy!

And here is a view from my front porch. I love all the trees and it's the perfect weather to sit, read my book and sip my Lacroix. It's the perfect day!

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