Friday, February 21, 2020

Vintage Home Decor & Bistro Tile

I love finding new charming accents for my home. I am always changing things around, rearranging my bookcases, shelves or table decor. 

These cheese plates are some that I found in a second-hand shop along with these brass candlesticks. 
These ceramic tile canisters, from Anthropologie are my new favorite kitchen accents. The Bistro tile reminds me of a cafe in Paris that I've always wanted to visit. Maybe one day I'll get the opportunity.

I fell in love with these vintage red balcony chairs the instant I saw them. They were in pristine condition and thought they would fit perfectly in our movie/game room. They are definitely a rare find. 

This is one of my favorite vintage pictures I own. I don't know why but I find this little pouty face so adorable. Shopping for vintage portraits or vintage oil paintings is probably my favorite thing to shop for. I have always wanted to learn how to paint, maybe this is the year I'll make the commitment and give it a try!

I love finding new ideas to put in my glass cloche. I have some with old pictures, feathers, even my grandmother's Christmas ornaments.

I also have been frequently changing the rugs in my house. I think that the easiest way to change the vibe of a room is to simply change the rug. It's a whole lot easier than repainting the room.

Whenever I am shopping at antique shops or even a second-hand store, I always look at the books. I love the look of vintage, hardback books on a shelf or on a table. it helps to bring some dimension and character to the table.
I shop for the things I love and I don't worry if I think other people will like it.
Let your home reflect your personality.
Love your home, love your space.

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