Friday, February 7, 2020

My Favorite Janessa Leone Hats & My New Favorite Shopping App

"Wherever she went she was on the lookout for interesting things." ~Kate Spade
I love this quote because I am that girl. I am always looking for something unique or interesting for either my home or my closet. One of the things I am always looking at is hats. 
I have always loved hats but had a hard time finding a hat that I liked in every way such as the style, color, shape, fit and quality. 

The one brand that I have grown to love is Janessa Leone. 

Her hats have been made with such good quality, style that it makes it hard for me to pick just one. The prices, however, are pretty spendy but I recently discovered the new Klarna app. Klarna is an app where you can shop different brands and split up the payments, kinda like layaway.  I love being able to shop for the things I love that sometimes can be a little spendy, with the option to split my shopping bill up and pay over a couple weeks. 

There are other apps that share the same concept which I have used and love as well.  Affirm, Afterpay and Klarna are the three apps I have used. 

My favorite stores that accept one of the three apps I  have listed are; Anthropologie, Revolve, Janessa Leone and Joe's Jeans. There is also an online retailer that sells Chanel, Louis Vuitton and several other luxury brands, that accepts one of these apps too!
I guess if you're a girl who can buy a Chanel bag without blinking, then you are a lucky lady! I, however, have to save or work an extra shift, (I am a nurse b.t.w.) that's why these apps are perfect for me.
So give one a try and let me know what you think! Hope this information makes shopping for you a little easier and with less shoppers guilt!

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