Monday, February 3, 2020

My Pantry Project

About three years ago, my husband and I built our forever home and at the time, when designing certain areas of our house, I felt rushed, for instance, our pantry. I have disliked our pantry since we moved in. It always felt cluttered, plain and after time passed, the shelves started to look dingy. I tried washing the shelves and even adding shelving paper, which would tear in some areas and start to peel off, which drove me crazy. So finally, I decided to re-paint our pantry. 
The first challenge was to decide on what color to use. I really like clean, simple colors I found on Pinterest but realistically, I know that light colors just wouldn't work for me. So, after a lot of thought, I decided to consider a darker color. 

Adding personal touches from my mother's kitchen and my grandmother's, makes me enjoy this tiny little space, even more. These cookbooks were my grandmother's. I rarely use them but they have her handwriting in them and some notes she had left, I just can't part with them.

Along with my vintage cookbooks, I have some of my grandmother's old spoons and forks that she used, also very nostalgic for me. 
While growing up, my grandmother used to bake and cook a lot and I would often sit in the kitchen and watch her, so keeping some of her items from her kitchen, now in mine, often brings back memories of her.

Using these clear storage containers has helped me when I am trying to make my grocery list for the week. Being able to see how many crackers, cereal, etc. we have left, has helped me cut down on buying items unnecessary items. 
I am currently trying to find a different rug, but in the meantime, this one will do. 

This vintage little baker hung in my great-grandmother's kitchen wall for years. I have considered re-painting him since he is now all chipped, but kinda like him the way he is. 
I also have my grandmother's kitchen aide. I don't use it, I use my own, but again, another personal touch that makes this space special to me.  

Even though these baskets really are not necessary, I think they help keep this small space to look more organized and eliminates clutter.

I didn't want my pantry to be just another storage space, with no character or personality so I displayed items such as my grandmother's cookbooks, my grandfather's old lunch box, my mother's cake stands as well as a vintage oil painting I found in a little vintage shop. 

Because of the darker paint color, I was worried about paint chipping from boxes and cans constantly being taken out and put back in. Wanting to keep the colors simple, I knew I didn't want a patterned shelf liner so I opted for a clear, adhesive liner which I found to be very affordable making it easy to replace if torn or ripped.
Well, that's it. I know that my pantry is nothing special to the typical Pinterest addict, but it's perfect for me, which is the goal, right? To make your home a place you love to live in. 

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